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Breakfast - the best meal of the day

At the Branndize Guest House we recognise that for many of our guests a good breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It sets people up either for activity, adventure or for a day spent relaxing! 
We have included options to suit a wide variety of tastes. All we ask is that you pre-order your breakfast by 7pm the evening before so that we can have the brerakfast of your choice ready for you on time and we also minimise food waste. A copy of our current menu is included below.
Covid-19: We are currently able to operate with 3 tables separated by 2m plus of distance. We also operate on a rotating time slot basis covering a 2 hour total time period (07:30 - 09:30) to enable us to minimise occupancy of our dining room. Once seated, you may remove your face covering, and our staff deliver your food choice to the end of your table. Finally, if you are not comfortable coming into a shared space for dining, we can also offer a breakfast tray brought to your room.